1. To establish a ministry training centre in Boggabilla, and to name it The Oasis Centre.       

Purpose:   a) to train and equip locals.
  b) to train and equip those from other communities. 
Strategy: Weekend Seminars, conferences and short term training schools.

2. To establish a platform for community education and training through The Oasis Centre.

Purpose:   To provide relevant and effective training that will address issues common in Aboriginal communities.
Strategy: Day workshops and weekend seminars.

3. To establish a Bible College on the Oasis Centre site

Purpose:  To equip the Body of Christ with a solid Biblical foundation. 
Strategy: To establish the Oasis Ministries Australia Bible Institute using material from Harvestime Bible Institute.

4. To develop and make available affordable resources for small Churches and home fellowships.  

Purpose:  To provide quality teaching material at affordable prices.
 Strategy: To prepare Bible Study material and teaching series that is culturally relevant for use by others.

5. To be a hosting centre for visiting ministry teams.

Purpose:   To facilitate a cross cultural ministry experience for Church and Christian school groups that will enhance their Christian walk and also benefit the community. 
Strategy: Liaise and work with Churches and Christian Schools and provide outreach opportunities for their members.

6. To outreach into remote, isolated and needy communities and provide support where needed.

 Purpose: To encourage and build up struggling Churches in isolated situations.
 Strategy: Identify such situations and equip local Christians to provide outreach ministry to them.

7. To establish and maintain home fellowship groups in areas as the need arises. 

Purpose: To provide places for local Christians to fellowship and learn outside of a Church environment.
Strategy: Provide teaching material suitable for home groups, and where possible equip someone from the   local community to lead them. Attend each group whenever possible.

8. To establish a mobile school of Kingdom Ministry.                                       

Purpose:  a) to equip the Saints for the work of the ministry 
  b) to provide a solid Biblical foundation of Kingdom Ministry in both theory and practice
  c) to help the Church understand its calling and destiny in Christ
Strategy: Design and source appropriate materials.

 9. To establish and increase a charitable/giving arm of Oasis Ministries.  

Purpose: To provide material assistance in times of need 
Strategy:  Collect and distribute goods (food, clothing, etc.) as needs become known.