The Oasis Centre is a multi-purpose centre which can be utilized by the community as a place of worship and also serve as a facility through which Oasis Ministries can either direct, organize or support services and activities especially designed to meet the needs and aspirations of the community and its members.


The OASIS CENTRE will comprise four (4) separate buildings that, when fully erected and joined, will become one complex. The buildings are:

 1.The main auditorium and Church building.

The auditorium will be a building of approx. 330m2 and will be used for Church meetings each Sunday and during the week when necessary. It will also be used as a meeting place by any visiting ministry teams, as well as any negotiated use by local or visiting community groups.

The auditorium will have direct access to the outside, as well as covered access to the kitchen and administration facilities.

 2. Children’s Ministry and Amenities Block.

This building will be approx. 100m2 and can be divided into 2 distinct areas.

  1. Children’s ministry rooms (2) comprising an area of approx. 72m2 and

  2. Toilet and shower block of approx. 28m2.

    Both of these facilities can be accessed from inside and outside, which allows them to be used without disturbing any activity from inside the auditorium. It should be noted that the children’s ministry rooms are actually one large room with a removable divider, giving flexibility of use.

 3. Kitchen and Servery.

The kitchen will be housed in a room of approx. 64m2 and will be joined to the auditorium by a covered servery area of approx. 9m2. The kitchen will be a fully functional kitchen which will have adequate facilities to be able to cater for whatever community or Church needs that may arise.

 4. Administration Block.

This building will be the same size as the kitchen (approx. 64m2) and will be directly opposite, separated by a courtyard that will also serve as the main building entrance. This building will house two (2) offices separated by a small waiting room that can also serve as a playroom for children who may need to be with any parents on site. The larger of the office rooms will be set up to handle the day to day administration functions of the complex and the Church and the smaller room will be used for a counselling/meeting or social area. This building will also house some storage facility for supplies. There will be a walkway into the auditorium that can only be accessed by those with appropriate clearance.