Please pray for:


  • The schools at Boggabilla and Toomelah as they continue to “evolve” under new leadership. New Principals at both schools have taken hard lines as they implement new strategies under the Connected Communities Network of schools.


  • Wisdom for us as we consider options for the future of Oasis Family and Community Church. We are looking into “Denominational” options with a view (among other things) to guaranteeing the longevity of the Church in Boggabilla.


  • Continued wisdom as we seek financial options for the OASIS CENTRE. A meeting took place here a few days ago which has the potential to release a large amount of money for this project. Pray for God’s guidance as we continue to pursue this and other avenues of financial release.


  • Those Christians in our communities who have committed to study with us in the new “Oasis Ministries Bible Institute”. Our first meeting is next Tuesday. Pray that each participant (we have 8 at the moment) will have a desire and capacity to learn in great abundance. Pray for us as we prepare and lead.


  • Georgie in her role as Chaplain at Boggabilla Central School. Pray for her as she builds relationships with the eight new teachers who have commenced this year. Pray also for her in her daily interaction with the students.



The Lord bless you as you seek Him.