The Oasis Centre


To enable the completion of this project we are still looking for further funds to be injected. Although we have (with cash and pledges) sufficient funds to lay foundations and to purchase the materials for the auditorium and the children’s ministry and amenities block, there are still several ways that individuals and groups can partner with us.

Following is a list of projects that need to be funded so that we can bring this – a vision that was conceived over eight years ago – to completion.

  • Office building – approx. $11000 (or $15000 including internal fit out)
  • Kitchen building – approx. $12000 (or $18000 including internal fit out)

  • Supply of materials for the front security fence – approx. $7000

  • Solar power installation – approx. $7000

  • Two water storage tanks – approx. $3500

  • Car Park – approx. $5000

  • Clearing of the block and removal of debris – approx. $5000

  • Supply of posts and shade sails for entrance – approx. $8000

Although it may seem that this is simply a request for financial assistance, there are several other ways that you can become a part of this project:

  • PRAYER: If you’re a praying person, then please pray for us. None of this could have reached the place it’s at without the hand of God upon it. We need to see God’s provision and protection upon all that we’re undertaking. Your prayer support is valuable to us.


  • BUILDING MATERIALS: We will need to source some of our building materials at the ‘right prices’ (particularly those for internal lining, etc.) to lower the costs as much as we can. If you know of someone or an organization that may be able to assist in this way, we would be delighted to hear from you.


  • LABOUR: When the work is about to begin, we will need to formalize work crews to help wherever possible. Although we have had several offers of labour and building teams, there will certainly be room for anyone who has the necessary skills to complement those who have already offered. We would love to hear from anyone who feels they fit this profile.


Donations to the project can be made directly to the following bank account:

Account Name:                   Oasis Ministries Australia Inc. Building Account

Bank:                                   Heritage Bank, Toowoomba Qld 4350

Account Number:                11731303 S21

BSB:                                    638-070

If you choose to donate using this method, please email your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that your generosity can be acknowledged.